The Birthing Center

The Birthing Center - Baby Friendly Hospital!

Welcome to the Birthing Center at Greater El Monte Community Hospital. We are a Baby-Friendly Hospital. We follow the Baby-Friendly initiatives to ensure proper bonding for you and your baby. Breastfeeding is highly encouraged so that you and your baby receive all the benefits breastfeeding has to offer.

Delivering at a Baby-Friendly Hospital ensures that moms will be making an educated decision regarding feeding choice and then be supported in that decision. Moms delivering at a Baby-Friendly Hospital feel more confident in caring for their babies and develop a stronger bond with their babies, whether they are breastfeeding or not.

Delivering at a Baby-Friendly Hospital:

• Instills confidence in parents

• Promotes bonding between parents and baby

• Supports research and evidence that offers better outcomes for babies

At GEMCH, we understand the importance of breastfeeding for the health and well-being of the mother and child, and we want the highest quality of life for new and growing families.

Our caregiving team offer breastfeeding moms the information, confidence and skills needed to successfully start and continue breastfeeding their babies.

Breastfeeding is a natural extension after pregnancy and is important for the continued growth and development of the baby. Scientific research shows breastfeeding moms and their babies are protected from several diseases. In fact, the benefits of breastfeeding last a lifetime.


Normal delivery
Cesarean Section
Post Par-tum Tubal Ligation
NST- Non Stress Test
OB Ultrasound
Newborn care
Breast Feeding/Lactation Education
Offering TDAP vaccine to mothers to protect their babies.
1st hepatitis immunization.
Newborn Hearing screen
Newborn Screen testing

Birthing Suites

The birthing suites at Greater El Monte Community Hospital were designed for comfort while mom is in labor and transitions into the delivery stage. Your delivery will happen all in the same room.

Private & large rooms
Private restroom
Roll away bed provided to labor partner
2 people supporting your birth allowed in the room (age 14 & up)

Hospital Amenities

Free Transportation (within 10 miles from the hospital)
Medi-cal Representative On Site
Birth certificates and Baby's Social Security Processed On Site
Vending Machines
Free Wifi
ATM Machine
Free Parking
Private Labor & Delivery Entrance (if registered)
New born Baby Channel For Education
On site Lactation Educator
Birthing Classes available (See Mommy School)

Gifts from the Hospital

Celebration Meal for you and your birthing partner
Complimentary Car Seat
Diaper Bag filled with gifts
Certificate of Birth with Baby's first foot prints

Birthing Center Tours

Please call 626.350.7906 to request a tour.