Diagnostics Services

Diagnostics Services at GEMCH

At Greater El Monte Community Hospital, we provide a range of trusted diagnostic services to patients suffering from a wide variety of conditions throughout the South El Monte area. Diagnostic services provide our physicians and highly-trained staff with the information they need to understand your condition and assess a plan of treatment. With leading-edge diagnostic technology and highly experienced staff, our facility is able to provide a high quality of medical care to our patients. Whether our patients are suffering from digestive problems, respiratory issues, or unexplained pain, our hospital offers a range of diagnostic services that can help our patients begin the road to recovery.

We provide the following diagnostic services:

CT Scan: The radiologists at GEMCH provide hundreds of CT Scans in order to diagnose and treat the injuries and diseases of patients in the area.

Nuclear Medicine: We provide high quality nuclear medicine scans that are able to provide accurate diagnoses of the problems that patients face.

Radiology: With leading-edge imaging technology, our radiologists provide accurate imaging and laboratory interpretations for patients.

Respiratory Care Services: During your hospital stay, our respiratory therapists work closely with physicians and other medical staff to provide care for patients who have trouble breathing.

Clinical Laboratory: Our advanced clinical laboratory enables our staff to obtain information about the health of our patients through a wide range of tests.

Gastrointestinal Lab: Our skilled team of experienced physicians provides a wide variety of diagnostic services for patients with digestive concerns.

Greater El Monte Community Hospital is a 117-bed facility that has been providing care to the community for more than 40 years. Our diagnostic services follow a tradition of excellence.