Back to School Safety

Back-to-School Safety Tips

As summer comes to a close and children start another school year, it’s important to keep your little ones safe. Between crossroad safety, playground accidents, and sick nurse visits, kids often experience a variety of accidents during their time at school. To keep your children out of harm’s way, make sure you are ready for any situation, and teach your kids what they need to know in order to be prepared.

School Road Safety
Whether your school uses crosswalks, a drop-off zone, or a school bus, it’s important that your child knows the road rules. Teach your children to always look both ways before crossing the street, and make sure they are aware of the designated crossing areas. If your child takes the bus, make sure they know to always wait on the curb, away from the edge of the street. Be sure they know which bus is theirs and that they should never take another one unless instructed by you or another trusted adult. While school zones are always well marked and designate slower, more cautious driving during school hours, there is no guarantee that all drivers will listen.

Stranger Danger
Unfortunately, school areas have been known to attract potential kidnappers. Educate your children about the dangers of people they do not know, and make sure they know what to do if a stranger approaches them. If someone attempts to take them, they should run away, if possible, and scream loudly for help. They should never get into a car with anyone who is not their normal ride home unless express permission is given by their parent.

Contact Information
Whether there is a school-wide emergency, natural disaster, or your child is simply sick with the flu, it is important that they know their home contact information. All children should know their home address, phone number, and the numbers of either their parents or guardian. While schools typically have children memorize this information, it is always good for parents and guardians to enforce the teaching at home as well.

Playground Safety
Playgrounds and jungle gyms can be very dangerous, especially older sets with broken or worn-down equipment. Make sure your kids use the playground equipment as it was intended to be used in order to avoid unnecessary injuries.

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