COVID-19 Community Update - Crisis Care Continuum Guidelines

In accordance with All Facilities Letter (AFL #20-91), Greater El Monte Community Hospital has compiled resources into the development of the said crisis continuum guidelines, given concerns for the potentially severe shortage of ventilators and other resources. The content herein is adopted from extensive research and proven practice from the University of California Critical Care Bioethics Working Group. We anticipate revising these guidelines over time based on health department input, supply chain changes, population health outcomes and other aspects of the pandemic as it evolves. We are committed to maintaining a working document that reflects the principles and sensitivities of the people we serve.

The purpose of the attached guidelines, is to provide our community with ultimate transparency in our ongoing efforts of battling COVID-19. This document provides a triage management scheme for the allocation of scarce resources and to articulate its ethical underpinnings. The COVID-19 pandemic may lead to a crisis state during which demand exceeds the supply of resources of individual hospitals within the AHMC Healthcare System. Essential to emergency preparedness is the development of a just strategy for allocation of scarce resources in the event that hospitals exceed their surge capacity. We are therefore attaching the said “Crisis Care Continuum Guidelines” for public review and knowledge.

Click Here, to open Crisis Care Continuum Guidelines.