What is Interval Training?

What is Interval Training?

Whether you want to burn more calories or are just getting tired of your usual workout, you may want to consider interval training. You may have heard about this type of training used by serious athletes or celebrities, but interval training is beneficial even for the average exercise. Interval training is not really that difficult. It just means alternating brief intense activities with intervals of lighter activities. You may be actually doing it already without you noticing it. For example, if your exercise is walking, you may want to add a few sprints or run throughout your whole workout session. It’s a way to shake up your whole exercise routine as well as pushing yourself more without consuming additional time. You also have control on the level of intensity so you can slowly build it up depending on how your body responds to it.

Benefits of Interval Training

Interval training is considered as the most efficient form of cardio exercise. It can deliver benefits more quickly, especially when done three times per week.

These benefits include:

  • Burning more calories- The more intense the exercise is, the more it can burn calories—even if the vigorous exercises are only done a few minutes at a time.
  • Building lean muscle faster- Interval training boosts metabolism, which means you burn more fat, increasing your muscle mass to body weight ratio.
  • Boosting your endurance- Since interval training alternates between high intensity and low intensity activities, you don’t get tired easily as compared to steady state trainings.
  • It’s a better workout for the heart- Interval training gives your heart its needed workout with the bursts of intense activities, but doesn’t really strain it since it’s alternated with low intensity activities.
  • It’s more enjoyable- Since you’re not doing the same routine over and over, it becomes a more enjoyable workout, which means that you’ll likely stick to it, too.
  • More flexible- Interval training works for both outdoor exercisers and for those who hit the gym. This type of workout is very adaptable and gives more control.

If you want to try interval training, but don’t know where to start, you may want to look up some of the most popular interval training programs that were developed by doctors and specialists such as the Tabata Method, Little Method, and the Turbulence Training. You may also use these methods as your pattern in creating your own.

Are you ready to shake up your workout routine? Get started on interval training and see the rewards that it can do to your body and overall health!

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