Ear Protection at Concerts

Our ears are very delicate and frequent exposure to loud noises can be harmful to them. The average decibel level that is considered safe for our ears is 85. Anything above that can cause hearing damage. During a concert or live shows, our ears are exposed to an average of 100 to 140 decibel. The longer you are exposed to that level of decibel increases your risk of hearing loss. So if you love going to concerts and live shows, make sure that your ears are protected.

Find a Seat Far from the Speakers

Most concert-goers prefer a seat or spot near the stage to be closer to the band or artist. Concert venues usually have speakers on the sides of the stage to create a more surround sound. If you want a seat near the stage, just make sure that you keep a good distance between you and the speakers.

Invest in Earplugs

It may seem uncool for someone to bring earplugs at concerts, but your ears will thank you later. There are a variety of ear plugs that you can buy at a drugstore or online. Some earplugs are even designed to fit in your ear canal, making it impossible to notice by judging eyes. If you are a musician, you may want to have a custom-made earplugs for longer wear.

Take a Break

If by some chance you find yourself seated right next to the speakers at a concert, the best thing to do is take a break. Let your ears rest even for just a few minutes outside. This may be hard especially if your favorite artist is playing. So if you don’t want to miss any action, you can try to step a few distance away from the speakers instead.

Attending a concert or live shows is always a great experience. Keeping your ears protected and healthy means more concerts for you to go to!

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