Portion Control at Holiday Meals

How to Refrain from Overeating

The holidays are just around the corner—and so are the buffet tables. After all, the season calls for us to eat, drink, and be merry, right? If only the holidays could magically remove all the calories from food, then we wouldn’t have to worry about overeating and gaining weight. But since that Christmas miracle hasn’t happened yet, portion control may be the best way for you to refrain from overeating.

What Is Portion Control?

Portion control is basically limiting your food serving. It allows you to eat your favorite foods without depriving yourself. It may seem easy, but portion control takes a lot of discipline. We list some tips to help you manage your portions during the holiday season.

Choose Your Food Wisely

Before you make a beeline for the buffet table, take time to review all the dishes that are being served. This can help you plan on what to put on your plate. Choose only your favorite foods and don’t waste calories on any dishes you don’t love. Make sure to get large portions of healthy foods balanced with small portions of the not-so-healthy treats.

Eat Slowly

As soon as you filled your plate with food, try to eat more slowly. Take small bites, chew carefully, and savor the taste and the flavor of your food. Eating slowly can make you feel fuller and distract you from wanting a second serving. You may also go around the room and chat with your friends or loved ones to prolong your eating.

Limit Calories from Drinks

Portion control is about eating smart. When you choose to indulge in holiday drinks, such as cocktails and mixed drinks, you are wasting your calories on something that is not fully satisfying. If you find holiday drinks hard to resist, make sure to get the drink with fewer calories, such as a glass of wine or beer.

Sharing Is Caring

If you’re at a sit-down dinner where the food serving is fixed, you may want to try sharing your food. Pass around your appetizer, or ask your partner to split a slice of pie. Sharing your food is a surefire way of cutting the portion of your food.

Burn the Calories

Your holiday schedule may be chaotic, but be sure to make time for your workout routine. This can help you burn off those extra calories when you overindulged on your favorite dessert. Spend at least an hour on exercise to prevent your splurges from showing up on the scale.

With portion control, the trick is to enjoy your favorite foods while consciously balancing your calories to avoid overeating or gaining weight. The holiday season comes just once a year, so it’s best to enjoy it as much as you can!

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